To be a successful picture framer, it is important to keep up with what’s new in picture framing glass in Orlando, FL. Conservation is the key word in today’s glazing trends as our clients are becoming more aware of the damaging effect of UV rays. Four major types of glass are available in the market, and they are:


An affordable framing option. Clear glass is also highly reflective and does not have UV filtering qualities.


Ideal for posters and photographs. Non-glare photo frame glass is obtained by an etching process that gives the glass a surface-matte finish. It diffuses light and reduces glare.


Ideal for shadowboxes, this type of glass is a good choice if UV protection is not a critical need. Reflection is usually controlled to less than 1 percent.


It helps protect artwork from harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause irreversible fading and damage to cherished art. Among the different UV-blocking photo frame glass types, museum glass is the best choice for the maximum reflection-free and UV-protection. Ideal for shadowboxes, heirlooms, photographs and any other framed piece with sentimental value.

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