Example of custom frame mirror designed and made by Let Us Frame It

Custom-designed mirror by Let Us Frame It

The wood veneer frame matched the shower tiles and cabinet color. The contemporary chrome fillet matches the hardware.

Mirrors can change the overall look and feel of a room in ways that wall decor cannot. Here are some tips to help you take full advantage of a custom framed mirror that can bring an improvement to any room in the house. Details make the difference!  

  1. The most overlooked area in the home is the bathroom. Mirrors aren’t just for checking your hair as you rush out to start your busy day. Most homes come with a simply installed large sheet mirror above bathroom vanities. However, it makes it appear unfinished without an ounce of style. With enough clearance, you can order a custom cut frame to fit over the existing mirror.
  2. Mirrors lighten and bring light into a dark room. You can position a mirror so that it can reflect a great view from the outside. Also, you can set a small lamp or candles to double the lighting effect for a warm and cozy ambience.
  3. Expand your space. Mirrors give a room a feeling of depth. Place a mirror on a wall opposite an entrance such as a foyer, dining room or family room to open up the area.

Mirrors tend to weigh more than other framed art. Be sure to use the correct methods and products to hang them safely in your home. If you follow these simple guidelines, we guarantee you are sure to see a smile reflected in any mirrors you choose for your home!